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About us

We are a project team

  • Jonas Martynaitis

    Jonas Martynaitis

  • Greta Vasiliauskaitė

    Greta Vasiliauskaitė

Who we are

We are a project team, therefore in each project that we undertake we strive to put together a team of professionals – experts in their own area – which is the guarantee for project success.

We strongly believe that the secret of company success is technologies and innovations, but people influence this and make changes. This is exactly the philosophy that SOFTUS team shares. High ethical standards and personal connections allow us to establish reliable relationships with our clients and deliver the true business value. Our team can propose measures and knowledge for optimization of your business processes and faster adaptation to changing market conditions.

Experts who have greater than 20-year experience of working with businesses and business management system in Lithuanian and foreign markets work in SOFTUS team.

Value to our customers is created by high ethical standards and personal connections.